A Message from the principal

Vidyavantha AcharyaAt Sharada Residential School, education is not what happens within the classroom and campus alone, but a process which is inculcated into students to empower them to challenge principles, to enable them to question dogmas, to instigate them to reinvent norms, to help them capitalise on opportunities, to teach them to be compassionate to needy, to instil values in everyday actions, to motivate them from within to achieve, to be resolute in commitment, and to be hopeful of a resplendent futureā€¦

However, to achieve this herculean task, it is imperative for the parent to prepare the child for the pursuit ahead. The transition process from home to a boarding school facility takes immense involvement from the parent and the ward.

A strong sense of discipline needs to be imbibed to co-exist in harmony with peers to absorb the imparted education. Hence it is essential to start communicating the same to a child so that it is easier to accept a different life from which he/she is already accustomed to at home.

Self-help, co-operation and concern for others are values that your ward must be willing to accept to adapt to the new lifestyle ahead. Share the school publications and the school to your ward prior to admission, to make him/her confident about the institution before joining.

Mental preparation will be the key that will allow the student to settle down in the new environment with ease and self-belief. I trust that you will play the most significant role in making this possible.

Vidyavantha Acharya
Principal, Sharada Residential School